Date: 11 months ago   Category: Society

The victim at the fire on Kemerovo "Nitrogen" is in critical condition – doctors

The condition of all three victims at ignition in one of cases of the Kemerovo plant "Azot" remains stable. However the health of one of the burned workers causes concern of doctors. The editorial office VSE42.Ru was reported about it by a source in city hospital No. 2. – The condition of one of three victims who has got severe burns at state of emergency is estimated as extremely heavy, – the interlocutor of the edition has told. Nevertheless, according to information of a source, now nothing threatens the worker's life. The fire on Azot in Kemerovo has happened on September 5. During performance of repair work on a roof of one of cases there was a cylinder cotton. As a result of three persons have been hospitalized. SK has brought criminal case upon state of emergency. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Azot doctors plant of Kemerovo fire victims state