Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

The whale white whale has swum away to the Thames

In 45 kilometers from the center of London in the Thames have noticed a whale. The network was filled by photos of eyewitnesses. The London ecologist Dave Andrews has reported that he has noticed a whale white whale at the mouth of the Thames in the afternoon on September 25. "I can't believe that I write it, I don't joke – a white whale in the Thames", – Andrews has written to Twitter. In Network there were a photo of eyewitnesses who have removed the rare guest at the Fort Koalkhaus in Tilberi, Essex, The Daily Mail writes. Biologists consider that the whale has swum away to the Thames in search of food and can gorge on plastic bags, having taken them for jellyfishes. The environmental protection manager in the London port has said that the risk for a whale is represented also by the polluted waters of the Thames. People with alarm watch whether the animal will be able independently to find a way out in the sea. Last time the white whale in the Thames was seen in 2015. Photo: dailymail to Share: White whale guest whale London Thames photo