Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

The wife and the small child of a star of series "Interns" were missing

The actor of series "Interns" Dmitri Feinstein has contacted police of Moscow with the statement for loss of the spouse and the baby. Feinstein has come to office of police on August 24, tell "Дни.ру". He has said that his wife has left the house with the little son on August 20 after the quarrel with him. The woman never contacted during this time. Familiar families also don't possess information on her location. Police officers have begun check upon disappearance of the family of the actor. Dmitri Feinstein is known on roles in series "Interns", "Carps" and "Moscow. Three stations". Photo: Google Images Share: actor wife Interny disappearance police loss child Feinstein