Date: 9 months ago   Category: Culture

The writer Zakhar Prilepin was let to Bosnia and Herzegovina

The authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina haven't allowed the Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin to drive on the territory of the country. The man has shared history of this incident on the page on Facebook. Zakhar Prilepin was invited to Banja Luka as the guest of honor and the participant of the meeting Kochich, but he was detained on border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. He couldn't make anything therefore he has returned to Belgrade from where I have begun the way. ― I not really was upset. This history causes in me a fun attack: the whole country considers by threat for itself the certain person, ― the writer has commented on this situation. Prilepin has also explained that he went to a creative meeting to national library. He has noted that it "even not on a meeting". The official document of the Ministry of safety of the republic became a cause of failure on entrance, TASS reports. In him it is said that the writer won't be let to the territory of the country in connection with threat of statehood and to the international relations. The position on this occasion was also expressed by the president of the Republika Srpska which enters Bosnia and Herzegovina, Milorad Dodik. He has told that the authorities demand to cancel this order. Dodik doesn't understand how the Russian writer can threaten safety, but not the thousands of migrants or persons who are coming back from the war in Syria. Photo: Google.Images to Share: safety Bosnia and Herzegovina Zakhar Prilepin