Date: 10 months ago   Category: Society

The young resident of Novokuznetsk was detained for thirst for female things

The recidivist from Novokuznetsk has fallen back into the old ways and has appropriated property of the drunk visitor of cafe in hope to find there money. The visitor of cafe of fast food in the Central district of Novokuznetsk at the end of the last week has fallen at night a victim of the malefactor whom has pulled on female things. The townswoman has noticed loss of a handbag and has paid attention that along with it the cafe hasty left the young guy. There has into place arrived Rosgvardiya's crew. Law enforcement officers have gone to patrol streets and have noticed the man suitable under the description who went with a female handbag. Earlier repeatedly judged 21-year-old local was him. He admitted that he hasn't resisted at the sight of a female thing, hoped to find money there. However, except documents, in a handbag anything else wasn't. The recidivist was transferred by polices, and the stolen property was returned to the lawful owner. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: woman theft Novokuznetsk guy recidivist Rosgvardiya handbag