Date: 8 months ago   Category: Incidents

There were road accident details on the Tashtagol track

There were details of threefold road accident on the route Tashtagol-Sheregesh. Three cars were participants of accident which has happened on October 3 on the road Tashtagol – Sheregesh. As have reported in regional management of traffic police, the driver of Toyota Picnic – the 57-year-old woman – hasn't chosen a safe distance to ahead the going car and crashed into Peugeot which moved in the passing direction. From blow of Toyota has driven into an oncoming lane where there was Toyota Corolla. The driver of the Toyota Corolla car – the 24-year-old girl – has tried to avoid collision and has moved down on a roadside. At a congress from a roadbed the car has overturned. The girl was injured and has been taken to hospital. Now she is on out-patient treatment, specify in traffic police. All participants of accident were sober. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: accident is expensive to road accident a roadside collision Tashtagol blow Sheregesh