Date: 8 months ago   Category: Incidents

Three persons have died at the crash of the unknown helicopter in the Kostroma region

The helicopter has fallen in the Kostroma region, three persons have died. The message about it has appeared on the website of the head department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures in the region. State of emergency has happened on Wednesday, on the third of October, about the village of Vonyshevo, Kartsevsky of the rural settlement, Soligalichsky district. Locals in ODS FKU "CCCS of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia" have reported at 18:40 about the crash. As the representative of a regional central board of the Ministry of Emergency Situations has told RIA Novosti, the aircraft has burned therefore to define brand and his accessory it isn't possible yet. The Yaroslavl investigative department of Northwest SU on transport of SK of Russia has brought criminal case as regards the 3rd article 263 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (The violation of safety rules and operation of air transport which has entailed the death of two and more persons on imprudence), the press service of department writes. The investigation is carried on. The identity of the dead, the reasons and conditions promoting the crash of the helicopter become clear. According to one of versions, passengers of air transport were hunters. Photo: Google Images Share: helicopter Kostroma region crash Russia SK criminal case