Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

Three persons have suffered in St. Petersburg because of raising of the bridge

The spontaneous divorce of Volodarsky Bridge in St. Petersburg became the reason of road accident with three cars, Fontanka tells. An incident has occurred on Saturday evening. About nine in the evening the divorce has begun, the wing of the bridge has risen on 30-40 cm, and two cars and the regular bus crashed into this ledge. As a result of road accident severe injuries were got by the 25-year-old driver of one of "cars". Average degree was got injured by the woman driving other car and the bus driver of a route No. 401. It is noted that the Volodarsky Bridge has been open after repair of a paving recently. From the moment of the beginning of his work before road accident has passed slightly more than a day. Photo: Google.Images to Share: DTP Bridge St. Petersburg