Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

Timk's dog who has burned because of the Novokuznetsk fleecer has found the new house

Volunteers of a charitable shelter have told the correspondent of VSE42.Ru that the victim of hands of the cruel owner Timk's dog could find new family. Now the pet is at new owners on a trial period. – Within two weeks we will watch how Timka will feel with new people. We hope for the best, of course. The dog remained in Novokuznetsk, – have told the correspondent in city veterinary clinic. Earlier it was reported that in April of the current year the drunk resident of Novokuznetsk has decided to punish the dog – I have poured over a dog kerosene and has set fire. Injured Timka managed to be saved, however the animal remained without ear. Not indifferent inhabitants have raised money for treatment of a dog. The court has sentenced the cruel resident of Novokuznetsk to the real term of the conclusion. Photo: social networks to Share: Novokuznetsk dog of a timk owners