Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

"Titanic II" will repeat a historical cruise

"Titanic II" – the exact copy of the original – will be floated in 2022 with the purpose to repeat a historical route of the predecessor. The Blue Star company restores "Titanic" in all details and plans to cross Atlantic by 2022, Evening Standard writes. – We will provide to passengers the ship which has the same interiors and configuration of a cabin, as the original vessel, integrating modern procedures of safety, methods of navigation and technology of 21 centuries to provide the highest level of magnificent comfort, – the head of Blue Star Line Clive Palmer comments on reconstruction. By the way, the plans of organizers of a cruise aren't equipment of the ship by the Internet. And they had to refuse the idea to recreate collision with an iceberg, reports the English edition. Photo: Google Share: iceberg Atlantic copy ship cruise Titanic