Date: 11 months ago   Category: Society

To gays have for the first time allowed to hold a parade in Russia

To LGBT community have allowed to hold a mass event in Russia. On the page in VKontakte the leader of the Moscow LGBT community Nikolai Alekseev has reported about it. "The head of administration of the city of Novoulyanovsk has allowed to hold a gay parade in the settlement Apple-tree which population makes... seven (!!!) person. There was still an option to offer as the place for a gay parade the village the Pansky Settlement with the population 131 inhabitants, but it would be too progressive for modern Russia", – he has written. According to the application the gay parade has to be held on August 26, 2018 from 12:00 till 14:00 in the settlement Apple-tree the city of Novoulyanovsk of the Ulyanovsk region. Participation was confirmed by 300 people. Photo: Google.Images to Share: gay of LGBT parade permission