Date: 11 months ago   Category: Society

To residents of Kemerovo have coordinated two new platforms for meetings

Inhabitants of the regional center will be able to state the protest on two new platforms. At the same time the authorities have forbidden to gather to residents of Kemerovo in several places habitual for meetings. Now in Kemerovo two areas for meetings are coordinated, both are in industrial zones. One of them settles down in RTS residential district in the Factory area. Here about 1,1 thousand people can gather for an action. On Tereshkova Street about the Himmash plant capacity is more – the platform is designed for 3 750 protesters. However the regional authorities have forbidden residents of Kemerovo to gather on "habitual" places for holding actions. So, now it is impossible to hold a meeting on a motor-track on Uglovaya Street in the Factory area and on Leonov Street in Kirovsky district. Besides, earlier protest actions took place in the square of "Orbit", but now there have established the new playground. In general experts have estimated the protest potential of residents of the regional capital as low, Kommersant reports. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: the action will lock Kemerovo places a meeting a protest development