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To Russians predicted repeated raising the retirement age

Experts declared a possibility of new raising the retirement age in Russia in the next decade. According to economists Yury Gorlin and Victor Lyashk, the authorities should return to discussion of pension reform again in 2028 as lag of level of pensions from salaries will continue to accrue. Researchers noted that reform of 2018 only slowed down negative dynamics. By 2030 the replacement coefficient showing a ratio between salaries and pensions to decrease to 32.1% in 2030 and to 26.5% in 2050. At the same time problems with payments of pension of the sufficient size will arise by 2024, Vedomosti writes. Authors of work in the conclusion urged to depart from a thought that after pension changes of 2018 it is possible to cease to worry. Photo: VSE42.RU to Share: salary pension research retirement age reform