Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

To Russians recommended to replace the policy of compulsory health insurance till November 1

After issue of policies of a new sample will renew only since January 1, have reported in compulsory health insurance fund of Moscow. The fund has reminded that it is possible to choose other insurance company once a year, except for moving to other region. Policies of a new sample have been entered as earlier in many subjects there was the system and it complicated receiving the help for citizens in other regions. Now between them there is a system of mutual settlements. That is it will help to exclude cases of refusal of rendering free medical care if the policy is attached to one region, but its owner has addressed to hospital in another. By the way, according to compulsory health insurance fund, now in Moscow from 12,3 insured more than a half use policies of an old sample. Photo: Google.images to Share: compulsory health insurance medicine policy insurance