Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

To teachers recommended to look for extremely accurately addicts among school students

The Ministry of Public Education of the Russian Federation has prepared recommendations for teachers of identification of dependence at school students. In the textbook of methodics Minprosa the main signs of dependence are specified and where to ask for the help. Authors emphasize that it is necessary to work with the teenager extremely accurately to avoid critical reaction which can enhance his dependence on narcotic substances. The teacher has to pay attention on expanded or, on the contrary, the narrowed pupils, constant thirst and unreasonable appetite, instability and sharp differences of mood. Also not well-groomed appearance of the school student, begging of money and presence at him of the large sums of cash has to disturb the teacher, Izvestia quotes the document of the Center of protection of the rights and the interests of children. During the work with such child the teacher will be able to receive the timely qualified help, having addressed on the hot line "The Child Is in Danger" of the Investigative Committee of Russia. Photo: Google.Images to Share: identification dependence methodical recommendations of a minprosveshcheniye teacher signs teacher school student