Date: 5 months ago   Category: Culture

To the actor of series "Friends" have suggested to act in a porn

To the American actor David Shvimmer who has played Ross Geller the comedies "Friends" have suggested to play this role, however, not in the original version of a sitcom again any more, and in his pornparody. As writes Daily Mirror, organizers of shooting have sent the actor the letter in which they have noted that many admirers of series have missed his character therefore news about Ross's return will please many. For shooting in a porn have offered 52-year-old Shvimmer one million dollars. Organizers have even remembered one of series of "Friends" where Ross wanted to seem fashionable therefore has put on leather trousers, however, having taken off them, couldn't pull on himself any more. Authors of the letter have noted that if the actor wants, then he can repeat this scene again. It is noted that authors of the movie already managed to find the actress for a role Rachelle Green. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Friends one million porn series shvimmer