Date: 5 months ago   Category: Society

To the Kiev teenagers have conducted lessons of "military valor" on the example of SS-men

The representative of community Ukrainian Military Honor has conducted a lesson of "military valor" in one of capital gymnasiums of Ukraine. About this event the head of the Ukrainian Jewish congress Eduard Dolinsky on the page has written to Facebook. Dolinsky has told that actions of the Galichina division CC created in the 40th years of the 20th century in the Western Ukraine with the permission of the German occupational authorities became "an example of valor". – It is the latest trend for schools when teach valor and courage on examples of service in CC, a shutsmanshafta, auxiliary police and fight against civilians, – Dolinsky has commented. Organizers of an action have noted that data on "nice military formation" CC Galichina at school aren't lit properly. It also became the reason of carrying out a similar lesson. – It was pleasant to listeners. To be continued, – have concluded Ukrainian Military Honor. Izvestia reports that Ukrainian Military Honor has been created in 2017. Organizers of society say that it "is devoted to military victories of Ukrainians". Dolinsky says that the organization is engaged in "praise of the Ukrainians serving in Nazi divisions". Photo: Google.Images to Share: CC Ukraine lessons school students