Date: 4 weeks ago   Category: Culture

Tom Hanks robbed shop in Los Angeles for the sake of a victory in a dispute

The actor Tom Hanks committed theft in the souvenir shop for the sake of a bet which with it was concluded by the anchorman of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Hanks took part in shooting of the telecast on June 14. The anchorman accused the actor that he "is too perfect". He noted that he the movie star was never involved in scandalous situations, and suggested to correct it, having robbed shop. The actor accepted a call. He ran to the next souvenir shop, grabbed own cardboard copy, several figures and retired with shout: "I am Tom Hanks, and I take away these figurines". It is noted that Hanks's bodyguard paid later for the stolen goods, the Izvestia newspaper tells. Photo: to Share: Jimmy Kimmel Live Los Angeles Tom Hanks of a show