Date: 10 months ago   Category: Politics

Trump "from revenge" has closed access to the classified information to the former head of CIA

Donald Trump has forbidden the former head of CIA John Brennan to obtain the classified information. The former head is sure, the American leader has behaved so because of fear of criticism. John Brennan has said that similar measures from the American president won't make him "silent". ― I consider that mister Trump has gone to it as he has made also with others to suppress any criticism in his address or to his administration. It is his way to try to revenge me. The president Trump very strongly is mistaken if he considers that, having withdrawn at me the admission to the classified information, he will be able to make me silent, – John in one of an interview has told. Also Brennan called Trump's decision "politically motivated" and directed to suppression of freedom of speech, RIA Novosti notes. The president has said that the former head of CIA "has called the objectivity and reputation into question". He has also accused John that that "brought insubstantial, shocking accusations". According to Trump, "the risk caused by his unstable behavior and acts outweighs any possible benefit of the high-ranking officials from consultations with mister Brennan". Photo: Google.Images to Share: Brennan Trump of CIA