Date: 9 months ago   Category: Politics

Trump has ordered to liquidate the president of Syria

The American leader Donald Trump has given the order on murder of the president of Syria Bashar al-Assad to the Minister of Defence James Mattis. That Trump has given to the Pentagon the order to destroy the head of Syria, the journalist Bob Vudvort on pages of the book "has told Fear. Trump in the White House", reports the The Washington Post edition. The fragment published by the edition for "Fear"... narrates about events of 2017. According to Vudvort when Trump has learned about chemical attack in Idlib, he has flown into a rage and has phoned to the Pentagon chief about a new task – elimination. – Give, ***** (oh, damn), we will kill him! Let's attack. Give, ***** (oh, damn), we will kill all of them! – the author cites Trump's words. Further Vudvort has written that Mattis has given to Trump the consent, however right after telephone conversation has been finished, the minister has said to the assistant that he will arrive more deliberately and he won't go for such actions. The work applying for historical reliability will go on sale only on September 11, by 17th anniversary of the tragedy in the World Trade Center in New York. Photo: google.images to Share: Al-Assad elimination order Syria Trump murder