Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

Two Ufa residents have kidnapped the pensioner and have chained him handcuffs to a grave

The court has pronounced a sentence to two Ufa residents who have robbed the pensioner, scoffed at him and have thrown at the cemetery, chained to a grave. ToDay News Ufa reports about it. An incident has occurred in October, 2017. Two men have trapped the 62-year-old resident of the village of Chernikovka, have shot at him from pneumatic weapon and have jostled in a car luggage carrier. Malefactors have brought the pensioner to the cemetery and have begun to torture to find out where he stores 30 million rubles. Criminals could receive from the man only phone and several thousands of rubles. Then they have chained the victim handcuffs to a grave and have left. Passersby have seen the pensioner and have called the ambulance. The court has sentenced men to 12 and 13 years of imprisonment in maximum security penal colony. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Bashkiria cemetery robbery pensioner torture stealing Ufa chernikovka