Date: 10 months ago   Category: Politics

Ukraine is afraid of loss of statehood

The deputy minister concerning temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Georgy Tuka has said that Ukraine risks to lose statehood. He has told about it in one of the interviews. According to him, the main problem of the country is the Russian presence in the Sea of Azov. The deputy minister notes that it can threaten Ukraine with loss of ports in the Black and Azov seas. ― I don't see a real way how we by own efforts can cope with this situation. Because I don't see purely military way, – he has noted. Tuka has added that in the nearest future, besides the seas, Kiev can lose also statehood, RIA Novosti reports. ― we have a real threat to lose statehood, and not obligatory in the military way. It is enough to carry out to Rabinovich and Murayev, Boyko and other this fifth column the majority to parliament – and everything, каюк, there is no Ukraine, and there is "A Little Russian province", – Georgy has said. We will remind, earlier the minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Vladimir Omelyan has expressed opinion in which he has accused the Russian authorities of use of Krymsky Bridge and the Navies in the Sea of Azov for blocking of the Ukrainian ports. Photo: to Share: statehood sea ports Russia Ukraina