Date: 2 months ago   Category: Culture

Ukrainians snatched on the singer of Maruv with insults for a performance in Russia

Some Ukrainians subjected to severe criticism the singer Anna Korsun famous as Maruv. The speech of the actress in St. Petersburg was the cause. Besides, the singer published on the page in Instagram of a photo from a concert and made the signature "It was tremendous, I love you". Right there on Maruv angry comments fell down. – Now it is visible what you the Ukrainian, – one of users wrote. The singer was accused of deception of the Ukrainian audience that she "made of herself the victim", having refused participation in "Eurovision", and itself "slept and dreamed of Russia". Some users fell in comments to strong language. However many Ukrainians supported Korsun, having written, for example, such words: "You the best that is in Ukraine!", "You lay the friendship bridge between the countries, do everything correctly!" We will remind that Maruv became the winner of the Ukrainian national selection on "Eurovision-2019", but refused participation in a competition. Other Ukrainian performers followed its example. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Anna корсун comments concert singer Russia St. Petersburg Ukraine