Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

Urgant has found Berezovsky of thieves of metal

The police dog Urgant has helped law enforcement authorities to trace malefactors who have stolen railway details from the station. Law enforcement officers knew of theft in Berezovsky: unknown have cut the padlock on a garage container and have stolen from him linings, anticreepers and docking bolts. Stolen it was revealed in 50 meters from the place of theft – he was hidden behind other garage. Law enforcement authorities have asked locals to help with search of suspects. Two guys have agreed, but as it has appeared, they also have committed a crime: on the man's trousers police officers have noticed traces of paint which has been poured in a garage container. An office sheep-dog by nickname Urgant, relying on a sharp scent, I have defined a route of thieves. It has become clear that they after commission of theft have left to a two-storeyed house on the neighboring street. Exactly there the guy smeared in paint also lived. At his place at a search tools by means of which the malefactor has opened a container have been found. Two березовчан admitted deeds, in their relation proceedings on the p. 2 of Art. 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Theft, perfect by a group of persons by previous concert with illegal penetration into the room" which assumes up to five years of imprisonment are initiated. Materials are directed to court, the press service of UT Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation of the SFD reports. Photo: UT Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation across the SFD to Share: Beryozovsky thieves theft dog Urgant