Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

Uzbeks have decided to cross the Moskva River on inflatable toys

Three young Uzbeks have nearly drowned, having decided to swim for a while in the Moskva River on children's inflatable toys. As reports "Moscow area today", young people swam on the semi-lowered children's toys in the Moskva River. One for rest on water has chosen an inflatable crocodile, another has counted upon a children's circle, and the third swimmer kept on waves thanks to a children's air mattress. Toys not for long could hold men afloat, and they have begun to sink soon. They were seen by the log observer of the Moscow city PSS on water objects. Rescuers have managed to lift three friends sinking in the Moskva River aboard the boat. Victims have been brought to the station. They were examined and have provided first aid. Photo: Google.Images to Share: a mattress the Moskva River an inflatable crocodile rest on water the swimmer