Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

Victor Tsoi's father called a bluff the documents of the son offered for an auction

Robert Tsoi called a bluff sale of documents of the son at an auction. Earlier in Network the announcement of sale of the passport of Victor Tsoi and originals of his songs for 3,5 million rubles has appeared. Litfond with intention to offer documents for an auction has become interested in the announcement. – I consider that all this history with the passport is a clean bluff. So many years weren't this passport, and here suddenly it has appeared. Just the person has decided to earn additionally, here my such opinion, – Robert Tsoi has told RIA Novosti. We will remind, in the announcement it has been specified that the Petersburger "has found rarities behind the refrigerator". Coincidence of time of a find to successful run of the movie "Summer" which main character the Soviet musician Victor Tsoi performs is interesting. Photo: Google Share: auction bluff Victor Tsoi summer passport rarity refrigerator