Date: 2 months ago   Category: Incidents

Video of collapse of a ladder at the Barnaul airport appeared in Network

In Network there were frames of collapse of a ladder at the airport of Barnaul at which six people suffered. The video from the place of events was published in VKontakte in community "It Is Overheard Barnaul", URA.RU reports. Users of Network in comments on a video assumed that an incident occurred because of a big congestion of people on the top part of a ladder. Let's remind that in the morning on February 12 at the international airport of Barnaul the autoladder collapsed. As a result of incident, according to the West Siberian transport prosecutor's office, six people suffered. Four of them were hospitalized. Upon the incident an inspection is carried out. Video: VKontakte / It Is Overheard Barnaul to Share: Barnaul airport of video obrausheny ladder