Date: 10 months ago   Category: Politics

Volcker: Russia intentionally tightens the conflict With Ukraine

The special representative of U.S. State Department to Ukraine Curt Volcker has said that Russia it intends tightens the conflict on Donbass, blocking monitoring missions on border of Russia and Ukraine. About it he has published a post on the personal page on Twitter. According to Volcker, Russia ignores all efforts of the international community which tries to promote peace-making in the east of Ukraine. He is also sure that Moscow doesn't allow OSCE Representatives to monitor the territory on border of two countries. The publication the special representative of department of the USA has commented on a roller on which it is visible how allegedly Russian military equipment crosses the Ukrainian border, RIA Novosti reports. otmety that the issue of settlement of a situation in Donbass is discussed since 2014. Three documents regulating steps on a conflict de-escalation were during this time accepted already. However and after the conclusion of armistice agreements between the parties the conflict continues. Here is footage from @OSCE_SMM of convoys of trucks illegally entering and exiting Ukraine from Russia. As a reminder, Russia has blocked an effective border monitoring mission and its forces routinely prevent the SMM from visiting the border. — Kurt Volker (@SpecRepUkraine) on August 11, 2018. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Curt Volcker Russia Ukraine