Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

Weather forecasters have told about the future Indian summer in Kuzbass

In the next few days in the Kemerovo region weather forecasters promise snow with the rain and a cold snap to – 5 °C. However kuzbassovets shouldn't despair – long-awaited heat will come to the region with cyclones soon. The staff of the Kemerovo hydrometeorological center has told that night with 11 for September 12 is expected the coldest from an early autumn. But already in couple of days in Kuzbass considerably will become warmer. – Meanwhile we have cold, but on Thursday – Friday increase in temperatures because of anti-cyclone action will already go. On Saturday about 23 °C, but unevenly on area will become warmer: somewhere it will be warm, and somewhere is much colder. And rainfall in the form of a rain and a sleet will remain within a week, – the specialist of Hydrometeorological center Natalya Poluektova has told the correspondent of VSE42.Ru. Also the weather forecaster has noted that since September 18 to the area cyclones of Scandinavia will come from the outside and in Kuzbass will become warmer. However still Indian summer experts don't hurry to call the future changes of weather. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Kemerovo region Kuzbass weather weather forecasters warmly