Date: 7 months ago   Category: Society

Weather forecasters of Kuzbass have given a weather forecast the last week of September

Weather forthcoming week will be changeable, but warm for September. The staff of the Kemerovo hydrometeorological center has given such forecast. Since Tuesday, September 25, in the region anti-cyclone establishment will begin. Small rains will expect to fall. Southwest wind will reach rushes to 14 m/s. In the afternoon weather forecasters expect 12, 17 °C, night 3, 8 °C, places to – 2 °C. On Wednesday morning and in the afternoon small rains will expect to fall. Stem of thermometer will raise up to 13, 18 °C, night 3, 8 °C, places to – 2 °C. Rushes of the western wind will reach 15 m/s. Good weather 13, 18 °C will Thursday afternoon remain, and positive temperatures 0, 5 °C, without any precipitations with the western moderate wind are expected at night. Friday is expected without any precipitations. Daytime temperatures will be about 15, 20 °C, and small rains with a cold snap to 4, 9 °C will expect to fall at night. Southwest wind with rushes to 15 m/s. During week-end good autumn weather will remain, but weather forecasters promise windy Saturday, rain with the thunderstorm in places will expect to fall. On Sunday rainfall will stop, and air will get warm up to 17, 22 °C. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Rain Kemerovo region Kuzbass weather forecast