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Wrestling legend the Anvil has died in Florida

The two-time owner of a champion WWE belt, the father of a professional restlersha of Natalya Neydkhart Jim "Nakovalnya" Neydkhart has died at the age of 63 years. Has reported the Hollywood Life edition about the death of the actor-wrestler. Later information was confirmed in federation of wrestling of WWE. The exact cause of death of the Anvil doesn't reveal. It is known only that to him it became bad in the house in Florida. Jim Neydkhart was born in 1955 in the city of Tampa. Since the childhood the American soccer and fight became his main hobbies. Later he professionally was engaged in wrestling. The peak of glory of Neydkhart has dropped out for the end of the 1980th – the beginning of the 1990th years. Except career of the wrestler, Neydkhart also developed the actor's qualities. So, in 1993 he together with other famous wrestler Hulk Hogan has acted in the picture "Thunder in Paradise". Nakovalnya has also acted in several movies, without leaving the image of the terrible wrestler. We will note that Neydkhart has got the nickname after the victory in a competition in throws of anvils in Canada. Photo: google.images to Share: Jim Neydkhart Nakovalnya wrestling has died