Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

Young kuzbassovets were awarded for rescue of children and the help in capture of the thief

Four minor residents of Kuzbass are recommended for a salvage of people in extreme situations. The day before in region administration there has taken place solemn delivery of thanksgiving diplomas to four young kuzbassovets who have shown courage in a dangerous situation. So, with the medal "For Courage in Rescue" it is awarded studying the third class of a gymnasium No. 48 of Novokuznetsk which has saved the eight-year-old brother who has fallen in water. The girl has rushed on rescue of the boy and held him on a surface before arrival of adults. Two pupils of school No. 25 of Kiselyovsk have got the medal "For Rescue of Life": they have saved the seven-year-old boy who has failed in the open well covered with snow. At last, studying schools No. 99 of Novokuznetsk has received an official message of thanks "The all-Russian public organization "Russian Union of Rescuers". She has helped to find the criminals who have robed the car. Thanks to a video which the girl has made of a window, police it was succeeded to find quickly criminals and to return the stolen property to the owner. Photo: The administration of the Kemerovo region to Share: heroes Kiselyovsk award Novokuznetsk teenagers