Date: 5 months ago   Category: Culture

Yury Loza suggested to carry out "A blue spark" for rappers

The musician Yury Loza reacted to an initiative of the deputy of the State Duma Mikhail Degtyarev to invite rappers to "A blue spark". The singer suggested to create a similar action especially for hip-hop of performers. Yury Loza emphasized that this direction in music is alien for Russia, Life writes. – The rap is an untwisted American, Black culture. They make a start from a rhythm, and we make a start from a melody and harmony - it is our culture. It also noted that the love to a rap is imposed to Russians as "all this spread". At the same time the actor is sure that it is not necessary to give an easy time to rappers and to allocate them. – Well if Loza, let us assume, cannot use foul language, and the rapper cannot use foul language. Loza cannot propagandize violence and a pornography, and it is impossible for them, everything it has to be identical, – the singer added. The actor said that the youth became conducted in musical preferences therefore itself does not know that it is necessary for it. At the same time Loza is sure that in five-seven years the rap "will die", and its current popularity is caused by simplicity and primitiveness. Somehow to solve this problem, the musician suggested to arrange a separate "repersky" concert where hip-hop performers "would mutter all New Year's Eve". Photo: To Share LIFE: