Date: 7 months ago   Category: Politics

Yushchenko has compared Donbass to Nazi Germany

The ex-president of Ukraine has compared residents of Donbass to the population of Nazi Germany on air of TV channel. The former Ukrainian leader called residents of the DPR and LPR "the victims of promotion". He has noted that it is impossible to hold elections under the auspices of Kiev because of the changed consciousness of the population there as was in times after World War II. – How to change views of the person how to tell that I to him the companion? Though he also goes to the Moscow church, communicates foreign language, prays on Pavlik Morozov, – Yushchenko quotes RIA Novosti. The politician has added that for change it is necessary to arrange situations long and close communication. Photo: Google.Images to Share: elections Germany of the DPR Kiev of LPR Nazism Ukraine Yushchenko