Date: a month ago   Category: Politics

Zelensky and Poroshenko kneelt during the debate in Ukraine

Candidates for president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and Petro Poroshenko kneelt before public during the election debates. So Zelensky responded to reproach of Poroshenko who remembered his words about readiness to kneel before Putin. – I said that I can tell Putin that I am ready to kneel, but do not force to the knees Ukraine <…> I am ready to kneel before each mother who did not wait for the son, before each woman who did not wait for the husband, – the candidate for president objected. After these words the showman kneeled before the gathered audience and urged the opponent to make the same. Poroshenko got up on one knee, having turned to people a back, and kissed a hand to the woman from the team which held the Ukrainian flag. Zelensky in response to these actions pointed to the acting Poroshenko that "it is not so difficult to be the person", Izvestia writes. Photo: to Share: debate Zelensky Poroshenko's knees